Tehničke karakteristike


Jamstvo 24 mj.
Dostupnost Raspoloživo
Cijena: 13.990,00 kn


Size (HxDxW): 153x55x49 cm


5 stage filtration with

10" PolyPropylene 5 micron PreFilter

10" GAC

10" PolyPropylene 1 micron PreFilter

Reverse Osmosis Membrane (50G, 75G or 100G) x2

In-Line Post-Filter

Inside tanks 40L (12L hot, 5L Cold, 23L Normal)

R134a refrigeration oil (made for lower temperatures)

Info display with HOT & COLD temperature status

Whole filtration unit is placed inside the front doors to enable easier access and maintenance.

Light Sensor installed on info display. Device turns off heating and cooling while no light is present

RO Model Configuration:

Self-Adjustment, Self-Suction Pressure pump

Auto-Flush with 300cc

High&Low Pressure Switch

Pre-Solenoid (acts as shut-off valve)

Inside adapter

Mechanical Filtration Configuration

4 or 5 stages filtration up to your preference

Dispensing Model

No filtration whatsoever.


Model without solenoid Valves or Auto-Flush, instead 4-way valve is used