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Size (HxDxW): 42.7x32x15 cm


5 stage filtration with

Push-In, PolyPropylene 5 micron PreFilter

Push-In, GAC

Push-In, PolyPropylene 1 micron PreFilter

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

In-Line Post-Filter

3.2G tank outside (other tank sizes are also available)

This device is just as Cristalle, very simple to use, logically designed from outside and inside. Filters are placed in a row, what makes them very easy to maintain. Furthermore, it can be hanged, turned around, placed in any way suitable for kitchen installation.

Pump Model Configuration:

Self-Adjusting, Self-Suction Pressure Pump

High&Low pressure switches

Outside Adapter (computer type with 2 separate parts)

Optional: 4 way valve or Auto-Flush Solenoid with 300cc

Mechanical Configuration:

No electrical components

4 way valve


Black, Orange, Red, Pearl


At bigger orders, we can modify the central color of the device into any required or wished color.

Zbog ulaska RH u eurozonu od 1.1.2023. sve cijene izražene u HRK preračunate su prema fiksnom tečaju konverzije: 1 € = 7,53450 kn